Release Date:  May 1, 2020

Instructor:  Derek Christerson

Series Summary:  Our first video series provides 45 dribbling drills to take your skills to the next level!  Derek takes your player through daily and weekly skills progressions teaching a variety of skills that are both challenging and fun.



click here to see a sample of what will be included in this series

Week 1:

Week one is designed for you to master the basics of ball handling and give players a foundational skill set to further build throughout the videos.  This week is designed for all skill levels.  For players that already have the basic skills, please do these drills faster and with more energy.  Beginners can take more time to navigate and move on after the skills are mastered. 

Week 2:

Week two builds on the foundational skills that were taught in week one.  This week will focus on our two ball series, which will help increase player hand/eye coordination and ball control.  At the end of week 2, players will put the stationary skills into motion in our diamond drills.

Week 3:

Week 3 concentrates on footwork and getting defenders off balance.  This will allow a player to gain an advantage offensively over an off balance defender.  Players will also master double moves, which will act as a counter move when a defender reads the first move correctly.

Week 4:

Week four is a collaboration of drills that will focus on all the skills that were mastered in the first three weeks.  The main focus of this week is to increase hand and foot speed as well as developing skills for decision making while reading the defender.

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