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We have received hundreds of emails in response to the announcement of the formation of the new baseball league beginning in the Spring of 2021. We appreciate all the words of encouragement and support.  Based on the questions and emails, we feel the most efficient way to ensure everyone has an opportunity to participate in the forming the new league is to host a series of Zoom calls. We hosted four Zoom calls in August to discuss our new league and now we are turning our attention to building out a league structure based on the feedback of interested organizations and teams. If you were unable to attend one of our Zoom calls, please email Ben Goodyear at [email protected] to discuss joining our new league or to simply ask questions. We will be setting up a league meeting in the near future.

Finally, we'd like to answer the two most asked questions.  First, we will propose a league structure that allows for teams to play in tournaments and non-league games.  The efficiency in scheduling will make it easier for you to complete your tournament and non-league game schedule.  Second, the cost of the league will, at least, remain the same even though you will be receiving so many more services, as you can see from our list of services shown on this page. We look forward to meeting and working with you.

If you have interest in joining our new league (whether you attended a Zoom call or not), please give us some information about your team or organization by filling out a brief survey. In order to have a viable league, we need to make sure we have enough teams at the different age groups and skill levels.

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The Amerileagues Difference

Game changer services that we offer

  • Member Driven Organization
  • League Game Scheduling
  • Oversight and Enforcement of League Rules and Policies
  • Tiered Pricing
  • Regular Season and Postseason Awards
  • Umpire Assignment
  • Organized Postseason Tournaments
  • Field Availability and Schedule Conflict Portal
  • Score Reporting Email Reminder
  • Game Change Notifications
  • Dedicated Customer Service

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