Sports Supply

Welcome to the new Amerileagues Sports Supply on-line store. We are pleased to be able to provide you with top quality merchandise at buying group pricing. For 2017, we will be offering the Wilson Evolution and NCAA Limited basketballs as well as a coaching kit that includes a mesh bag, score book, and dry erase board (these items may also be purchased separately).

Individuals purchasing items must pay via PayPal or credit at time of purchase. Coordinators placing bulk orders for their organizations who do not wish to pay at time of purchase may enter their member code during checkout. They will be invoiced the next day. Payment must be received before the order is processed.

How It Works

Ordering Periods

Orders placed by individuals will be processed the next day as will any bulk orders of Wilson products and coaching kit items.


Orders will not be placed with our supplier until payment is received. On-line payment is available via PayPal (PayPal account or credit card) or you can mail us a check (only available for member organizations, not individuals).


All merchandise will be shipped direct to customer. Shipping is free on all coach kit items and Wilson basketballs.

On-Line Ordering

Easy on-line ordering. Add your favorite items to your shopping cart, provide us with information about yourself, provide on-line payment, and submit your order!

The Amerileagues Online Store is now OPEN for business!

We have the best prices on the best merchandise

Coaching kit items are only available for bulk ordering by our member organizations. If you add them to your cart, they will be removed upon checkout unless you enter your member code. Please contact us if you would like to apply to be an Amerileagues Sports Supply member.